Ingredient for mental performance and cognition

COGNITYL is an active ingredient associating highly active xanthines (caffeine and theobromine) in well defined ratio and concentrations for an optimal action on intellectual fatigue and exhaustion.

It is designed for temporary tiredness and to support a good mental balance, by improving mental energy (concentration, motivation, cognition, well-being and alertness) and reducing physical fatigue specifically at the level of muscular cells.


COGNITYL is a powder formulation standardized at 373.1 mg/gr theobromine and 28.4 mg/gr caffeine.

The minimum recommended daily intake is 670 mg of COGNITYL powder per tablet, once a day (in order to deliver 250 mg of theobromine and 19 mg of caffeine per day).


Psychopharmacological activity

The composition of COGNITYL has been inspired by Smit's experiments.

Smit et al. have proven in a clinical trial in 2004 that an oral dose of 250 mg of theobromine and 19 mg of caffeine helps people to concentrate, feel energetic, and develop a feeling of well-being and pleasure [1],[2].

In 2004 [1], the effects of cocoa constituents (caffeine and theobromine) were tested on mood and performance and the activity compared to that of the same amount of xanthines found in cocoa powder and to placebo.

The profile of effects of cocoa powder with methylxanthines and the methylxanthines alone were found to be identical: an increase in energetic arousal and hedonic tone, performance improvements on simple reaction time and information processing, all this compared to placebo.

With this study, it was concluded that theobromine and caffeine were responsible for the psychopharmacological activity of chocolate.

Thanks to its well-balanced dose in xanthines, COGNITYL is a psychostimulant without over-stimulating and tachycardia side-effects.

[1] Smit HJ, Gaffan EA, Rogers PJ. Methylxanthines are the psycho-pharmacologically active constituents of chocolate. Psychopharmacology. 2004; 176: 412-419.

[2] Smit HJ, Blackburn RJ. Reinforcing effects of caffeine and theobromine as found in chocolate. Psychopharmacology. 2005; 181: 101-106.

COGNITYL is delivered with a complete package of information, including bioXtract proprietary:

Pre-clinical acute oral toxicity trial in rats showing no particular effect and classifying the product in the danger 5 category DL50 superior 5,000 mg/kg,
Bibliographical Phase II clinical trial showing results obtained with identical ratio and concentration in caffeine and theobromine,