About us

BioXtract is a B to B / Private Label developer and manufacturer of innovative food supplements or ingredients for pharmaceutical and food supplement industries for Belgian and export Markets.


More particularly, BioXtract's expertise lies in the development, production and marketing of active ingredients from natural origin, innovative or improved, with very high added value.

These active ingredients are presented in the form of formulated extracts that can be used as ingredients for the manufacture of food supplements, but also as ready-to-use finished dosage forms in Private Label (capsules or tablets, in bulk or in blister and complete packaging under our customers' brand). The elaborated extracts are standardized in natural active ingredients rigorously selected for their activities in specific pathologies (arthritis, metabolic syndrome, allergic rhinitis, IBS and gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory diseases …).


Our products are accompanied by a complete and detailed clinical and regulatory package, which makes it possible to obtain a Food Supplement status in Europe, but also to obtain more complex statuses such as Traditional Herbal Medicine in the Middle East and Asia; or Natural Health Product (NHP) in Canada.


BioXtract has acquired a particular know-how of 20 years in the development and management of products based on the active ingredient "Curcumin" (from Turmeric) and is the leader in Belgium for this asset, having developed several Patented Innovative formulations.