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Arantal, an alternative therapy for osteoarthritis

Arantal  is a natural remedy designed for the fast relief of pain in rheumatology (for moderate articular pain on waking up as well as for moderate to severe persistent articular pain). Its patented formula, based on a bio-optimized extract of turmeric, considerably improves joint comfort by acting on 2 levels:

  • on the complaints, by quickly relieving joint discomfort.
  • on wear and tear, by slowing down the damage to the cartilage.

Arantal Formulation

Arantal is a gelatin soft capsule of 920 mg containing a highly bioavailable turmeric rhizome dry extract (Curcuma longa L.) in the form of oily gel formulation.


Each soft capsule contains a quantity of turmeric extract corresponding to 42.0 mg of curcumin.


The suggested use is:


  • Start dose of 2 capsules twice a day (morning and evening) before a meal for one month,

  • Maintenance dose of 2 capsules once a day (morning) before a meal.




Arantal in Osteoarthritis


bioXtract in vitro studies on curcumin show that curcumin:


  • inhibits pro-inflammatory mediators (PGE2, IL-6, IL-8) and acts on the pain of osteoarthritis,
  • inhibits COX-2 but not COX-1 gene expression, and gives pain relief without unwanted gastro-intestinal side effects,
  • inhibits the synthesis of NO and prevents cartilage breakdown in the joint.




Arantal Clinical Data

Arantal is delivered with a complete package of information, including bioXtract proprietary:


  • Pre-clinical acute oral toxicity trial in rats showing no particular effect and classifying the product in the danger 5 category DL50 superior 5,000 mg/kg.



  • Phase I clinical trial demonstrating bioavailability of Arantal'active principals. (Complete report available on request)



  • Phase II randomised, double-blind, multicenter clinical trial to evaluate the analgesic efficacy of Arantal in patients suffering from gonarthrosis, on a short term period (2 weeks).

    •  Arantal is an innovative food supplement offering a short term analgesic effect at a same level than acetaminophen.

    • Arantal is a safe product dedicated to the relief of pain in osteoarthritis, leading to a relief of pain between 30 to 35% in 2-weeks.



  • Observational cohort study of Arantal on 1,077 patients suffering from osteoarthritis showing :

    • Arantal decreased pain with or without a concomitant treatment and that the effect observed depended on the duration of administration.

    • Arantal additive effect was to decrease the concomitant treatment intake (acetaminophen & NSAID). The dosage (2 caps in the morning + 2 caps in the afternoon) seemed optimal for most patients, without any relevant side effect reported (only nausea and bloating but infrequent & minor).



  •  Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of Arantal during 6 months on 820 patients suffering from various joint painful osteoarthritis and showing:

    • significant reduction on pain (P<0.0001)

    • significant improvement of flexibility (P<0.0001)

    • significant decrease of initial medicamentations (painkillers, NSAIDs, chondroprotectives)

    • for 98% of the patients, satisfaction > previous treatment

    • excellent toleration



  • Non-comparative exploratory study evaluating the clinical efficacy of Arantal on pain, side effects and effects on some biomarkers of osteoarthritis showing :

    • significative decrease of cartilage degradation of biomarker Coll2-1

    • 77% decrease of the inflammatory state of biomarker hsCRP

    • significant improvement of global assessment of disease activity (p<0.005)




  • Observational Study of Gout Attack on 54 patients showing :

    • fast improvement in acute pain within 24 to 48 hours for 90% of the patients

    • 65% of the patients continued therapy to prevent attacks with 2 caps/day during 3-6 months

    • 91% were completely satisfied




  • Safety Evaluation in aged patients with osteoarthritis and comorbidity showing that Arantal:

    • can be used with anticoagulants (no effect reported on coagulation),

    • can be used in case of renal inssuficiency (no effect on urea, on creatinine or on uric acid),

    • presents no interaction with hepatic functions (no action on hepatic parameters like GOT, GPT, GammaGT and Alkaline phosphatase),

    • can be used in case of diabetes (no effect on blood glucose nor on glycosylated hemoglobin HbA1c).