Vitafoods Asia 2019



25-26 September 2019  




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Our Core Business

Development of Formulated Active Ingredients

bioXtract is a B to B/private label developer and manufacturer of innovative food supplements or ingredients for pharmaceutical and food supplement industries for Belgian and export Markets.


More particularly, bioXtract's expertise lies in the development, production and marketing of active ingredients from natural origin, innovative or improved, with very high added value.


These active ingredients are presented in the form of formulated extracts that can be used as ingredients for the manufacture of food supplements, but also as ready-to-use finished dosage forms in private label (capsules or tablets, in bulk or in blister and complete packaging under our customers' brand) .


The elaborate extracts are standardized in natural active ingredients rigorously selected for their activities in specific pathologies (arthritis, metabolic syndrome, allergic rhinitis, IBS and gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory diseases …).



Management of the whole manufacturing chain


Based on his know-how in the field of quality systems, industrial scale-up and registration processes, bioXtract design food supplements or active formulated ingredients from the selection of raw materials until the industrial manufacture of finished products.


Most industrial transformation steps are subcontracted to specific and validated subcontractors but are managed directly by bioXtract who remains responsible for:


  • the purchase and selection of critical raw materials,
  • the qualification and evaluation of critical raw materials suppliers,
  • the quality release of each batch of raw material, intermediate and finished product,
  • the establishment of critical manufacturing parameters (R&D),
  • the review and validation of manufacturing process and critical manufacturing parameters (industrial scale-up),
  • the redaction of subcontractor’s contracts and product specifications,
  • the regular audit and continuous evaluation of subcontractors implied in manufacturing operations.


Therefore, all subcontractors are considered as external manufacturing sites of bioXtract, audited as such according to the most high level quality standards and included within the scope of our own quality certifications.




Our Partnerships


Founded in 2003 by a group of entrepreneurs graduated from the Agro Bio-Tech University of Gembloux, and with support from the region of Wallonie, bioXtract is a spinn-off of the University of Liège and a more than 10 years Belgian company specialised in innovative formulations for nutritional supplements using natural ingredients.



BioXtract, private label dietary supplements.


bioXtract is a member of the following associations:


  • The food ingredients cluster of the Walloon Union of Enterprises (UWE);
  • The Walloon Agro-biopôle
  • FEVIA (Belgian Federation of the Food Industry)
  • NAREDI (Belgian Federation of food supplements manufacturers)
  • BHIG (Belgian Health Ingredients Group)




Location of our facilities


The logistic/manufacture facility is based in the industrial zone Crealys, Rue Guillaume Fouquet, 30 – 5032 Isnes, Belgium.



The analytical and R&D laboratory is located within Agro Bio-Tech University of Gembloux, Service CGO 3rd Floor, Passage des Déportés, 2 – 5030 Gembloux, Belgium.