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Arantal and Artiflex, alternative therapies for osteoarthritis

A highly bioavailable anti-inflammatory and chondroprotector

Artiflex is an innovative formulations of curcumin, known to provide relief for sufferers of osteoarthritis.


Artiflex will contribute to joint wellbeing by relieving pain, and protecting cartilage from breakdown. Taken long term, over time Artiflex will help protect cartilage and contribute to healthy joints.



Artiflex is a solid formulation available under pre-dosed tablets or under bulk powder ingredient, allowing customization with other active substances. Artiflex is dedicated to prevention and chronic treatment of osteoarthritis.




Arantal® and Artiflex Formulation

Resulting from several years of Research and Development, Arantal® is an unique patent pending formulation, combining curcumin and an emulsifier.


Thanks to its innovative formulation, Arantal® has been shown to offer the most highly soluble curcumin available among curcumin products on the market, using safe and food-grade ingredients.


A Phase I pharmacokinetics study on Arantal® was run on 2 groups of 12 healthy individuals, each group being orally administered 1 or 2 capsules of Arantal® respectively. With 2 capsules administered orally, the mean of Cmax on 12 individuals was 0.9 µM, with a statistical extrapolation at 1.6 µM with 4 capsules (administering 84 mg and 168 mg of curcumin respectively).





Resulting from several years of Research and Development, Artiflex is an unique composition, combining curcumin and β-cyclodextrin, leading to a marked improvement in uptake, with doses of bioavailable curcumin of 3.7 mg bio-equivalent to 1,200 mg of non-complexed curcumin.





Arantal® and Artiflex in Osteoarthritis


bioXtract in vitro studies on curcumin show that curcumin:


  • inhibits pro-inflammatory mediators (PGE2, IL-6, IL-8) and acts on the pain of osteoarthritis,
  • inhibits COX-2 but not COX-1 gene expression, and gives pain relief without unwanted gastro-intestinal side effects,
  • inhibits the synthesis of NO and prevents cartilage breakdown in the joint.


Arantal® and Artiflex Master File

Arantal® is delivered with a complete package of information, including  bioXtract proprietary pre-clinical, clinical and open trials.

  •  Pre-clinical trials evaluating:

            - the efficacy of Arantal® active principal on several models of osteoarthritis,

            - the acute oral toxicity of Arantal® in rats,



  • Phase I clinical trial, assessing the bioavailability of Arantal® curcumin,
  • Phase II randomised, double-blind, multicenter clinical trial to evaluate the analgesic efficacy of Arantal® in patients suffering from gonarthrosis, on a short term period (2 weeks).
  • Observational cohort study of Arantal® on patients suffering from osteoarthritis showing a decrease of pain with or without a concomitant treatment and an additive effect on the decreasing of the concomitant treatment intake (acetaminophen & NSAID).
  • Non-comparative exploratory study evaluating the clinical efficacy of Arantal® on pain, side effects and effects on some biomarkers of osteoarthritis and showing a significant change over time for the biomarker Coll2-1 (p = 0.0020) and the patient’s assessment of the global evolution of the disease (p = 0.0047) .




Artiflex is delivered with a complete package of information, including bioXtract proprietary:


Pre-clinical trials evaluating:

  • the efficacy of Artiflex active principal on several models of osteoarthritis,
  • the lack of toxicity of Artiflex (acute oral toxicity in rats),
  • Caco-2 testing demonstrating  improved bioavailability of curcumin.



Arantal and Artiflex are food supplement registered in Belgium and France.