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Plant-based actives used in our dietary supplements


bioXtract carefully selects the natural active ingredients of its products, based on strong bibliographical pre-clinical and clinical evidence, as well as on a solid certified lack of oral toxicity.


Proprietary in vitro trials are also conducted with the active principals on well-designed and innovative biological models, in partnership with independent universitary laboratories.


Among the plant-based actives in bioXtract dietary supplements:


Bioavailable curcumin

Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant herbal remedy. Its low systemic bioavailability has been highly improved by bioxtract R&D Department in order to maximize its efficacy on osteoarthritis and allergic rhinitis.



Quercetin is a natural compound with anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. It mainly inhibits histamine release by mats cells and basophils. Poor bioavailability observed in human after oral dosages of Methylxanthines.



Natural methylxanthines from cocoa, theobromine and caffeine, are the active principals of the herbal supplement Cognityl. Their psychostimulant properties are responsible for the positive effects of Cognityl on concentration.



Allysulfides are present in Regulid as DADS, DATS and MATS. These aliphatic natural molecules have lipolytic activity on fat cells, participating to the efficacy of Regulid in the post-diet weight stabilization.



Vinyldithiins are natural sulfur compounds only found in garlic oil macerates. Their original chemical structures confer them unique properties on fat cells metabolism, such as inhibition of their differentiation.


BioXtract uses quercetin, curcumin, allyl sulfides, vinyldithiins and xanthines in its dietary supplements.