Vitafoods Asia 2019



25-26 September 2019  




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Our Range of Products

Private label food supplements


bioXtract has acquired a particular know-how of over 10 years in the development and management of products based on the active ingredient "curcumin" and is the leader in Belgium for this asset, having developed several innovative and highly bioavailable curcumin formulations (patented).


 Finished dosage form (capsules):


  • Rifencin  a natural remedy for the relief of gastro-intestinal disorders like Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).


Bulk ingredient:


  • CursolTM, a pre-formulated powdered ingredient for the manufacture of food supplements with anti-inflammatory actions.



bioXtracts innovative range of dietary supplements also includes:


  • Regulid Plus based on the mediterranean diet (garlic + olive oil + omega-3) and acting on the weight stabilization in yo-yo dieting syndrome as well as on blood HDL and triglyceride level management, acting as a natural treatment of the metabolic syndrome,


Both are available in the form of bulk formulated ingredient or in the form of finished dosage forms.




Private label dietary supplements.

Natural plant extracts


The natural extracts used in our dietary supplements are safe and conform to the European Regulations as well as to most of International Regulations.


We concentrate our efforts on natural extracts with high potential and improved bioavailability, such as curcumin, quercetin, trans-anethole, xanthinesvinyldihtiins or allylsulfides.