Health Ingredients South-East Asia 2016


6-8 April 2016

Jakarta International Expo

Jakarta, Indonesia

Meet us at stand A32

Vitafoods Europe 2016


10 - 12 May 2016, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland


 Meet us at stand J66


  1. FolderAbout bioXtract bioXtract creates and manufactures private label dietary supplements with proven therapeutic activity for specific health conditions.
    1. PageOur Core Business bioXtract develops and manufactures innovative, patented and clinically proven dietary supplements. Our finished products are private label.
    2. PageOur Support All our food supplements are supplied with a full support and background. Our food supplements are patented, private labeled and finished products.
    3. PageOur Quality bioXtract cares about high standards of quality for its food supplements and processes of research and development. bioXtract is ISO 22000 and ISO 22000 certified.
  2. FolderProducts bioXtract creates and manufactures patented natural food supplements : Nasaler, Cognityl, Regulid and Artiflex. Some of the product can be customized.
    1. PageArantal and Artiflex Artiflex is a natural and clinically tested food supplement which contains curcumin. Its formula is proven and provides relief to osteoarthrisis sufferers.
    2. PageNasaler Nasaler is a natural treatment for allergic rhinitis, based on curcumin and quercetin. It does not cause drowsiness. Nasaler is a registered food supplement.
    3. PageCognityl Cognityl is an herbal supplement, based on xanthines, that improves mental energy and reduces physical fatigue without over stimulating side-effects.
    4. PageRegulid Plus Regulid Plus is a patented, private label dietary supplement based on natural garlic active principles. It helps to stabilize weight and fight yo-yo effect.
  3. FolderPlant-based actives BioXtract uses natural active principles in its patented, private label dietary supplements. All the products are clinically tested.
    1. PageXanthines Xanthines are therapeutically active compounds found in plants and organism. They have a psychostimulant effect and help improve concentration and cognition.
    2. PageCurcumin Curcumin is a natural dietary supplement used to relief osteoarthrisis sufferers. bioXtract uses a proven innovative formulation with a larger bioavailability.
    3. PageAllysulfides Allylsulfides are garlic extracts used in dietary supplements. They help preventing metabolic syndrome and have hypotensive and low cholesterol properties.
    4. PageVinyldithiins Vinyldithiins have antithrombotic and anti-adipogenic properties. They help reducing cholesterol levels and stabilize weight.
    5. PageQuercetin Quercetin is a natural supplement that helps preventing allergies (allergic rhinitis or hay fever). BioXtract uses quercetin in its patented product, Nasaler.
  4. FolderHealth conditions BioXtract develops and manufactures food supplements that help preventing health conditions such as metabolic syndrome, osteoarthrisis and allergic rhinitis.
    1. PageAllergic rhinitis Allergic rhinitis is a common condition which affects the life quality of its sufferers. BioXtract helps preventing it with a natural, patented formula.
    2. PageMetabolic syndrome Metabolic syndrome constitutes a major challenge for healthcare professionals. BioXtract created a natural treatment for prevention of this health condition.
    3. PageOsteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. BioXtract develops and manufactures a patented, private label treatment called Artiflex.